John Shults love, 94-year-olds find love in the time of covid.

This has been the worst year for dating. But along the banks of the Hudson River in upstate New York, there’s a couple making it work despite the pandemic.

John Shults and his girlfriend, Joy Morrow-Nulton, are both 94 years old and have each been widowed twice. They were determined to find love yet again.

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The couple is now vaccinated but had to be in a bubble most of the year.

“She was worth it. It was a pain in the neck, though,” Shults said of maintaining the relationship through the pandemic.

Shults’ son Pete said the two would call each other every day. “They’d find a way to get together. They did whatever it took.”

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What it took, they say, was a return to simple pleasures, like long drives to nowhere, batting balloons around the house and a lot of selflessness.

“She’s richer than I am, just so you know. She bought me a walker,” Shults said. “$159, I think. I told you she had money. She did have it until she bought my walker.”

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Not to be outdone, Shults bought her a little something, too. But he had to pop the question dozens of times before Morrow-Nulton said yes.

“Finally I said, OK,” she said, adding that she finally accepted the proposal “when we had snow days and I didn’t come up here, I missed him.”

The couple recently held a rehearsal for their spring wedding.


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